Our Mission

Global Beverage Enterprises Inc. is an unique company in the beverage industry.

Our mission is to offer to the consumer one-of-a kind healthy and delicious beverages that have never been seen on the market before. Once a beverage is chosen we than work with large distributors or business partners who can deliver these delicious beverages to the public to enjoy.

Some of our beverages will bring back fond and nostalgic memories of your childhood. Many of our beverages will make you say, Wow, I wonder what that tastes like?

As an example, for our friends from the Carribbean we have discovered a couple a new and exciting beverage (refresco) that will remind you of your Island homeland.

Our shelf-stable ready to drink soda's (refresco's) are called MAVI in Puerto Rico, and MABI in The Dominican Republic's & Haiti. This is just one recent example of an innovative and delicious beverage now available at your local grocery store, colmados or bodegas.

Another beverage that is receiving wonderful reviews all over the net is the Award Winning "Mr. Q. Cumber(R) " soda. One gulp and you're hooked.

Please explore our website and read about all the other new beverages that we are bringing to the market for you to enjoy. We would love to hear from you with your ideas and comments.


Global Beverage Enterprises Inc.