Mr. Q. Cumber(R) Distributors:

We are proud to announce that the following fine distributors are hard at work getting "Mr. Q. Cumber " into a store near you:

(a) - Nationwide Online Sales

(b)GourmetFoods4u- Southern Florida Distribution (954) 588-2606

(c) KeHe Food and Tree of Life Distributors - Nationwide Distribution at (866) 631-6406

(d) Haddon House: Nationwide Distribution

(e) Associated Buyers- New Hampshire and the N.E. United States

(f) U.N.F.I. Distributors- - Nationwide

(g) F.S. I.- Avalon Gourmet- Tempe Arizona (480) 829-5730

(i) The Grocer's Supply Company Inc- (713) 749-9373

(j) Southern Wine & Spirits: Nationwide

(k) Norman Distributing- Chicago, Illinois

Sweet Blossom, Mabi and Internet Distributor:

Mavi Distributors:

  • We are currently seeking distributors for our "MAVI" /"MABI" refresco in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico &The Dominican Republic.
If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact us to discuss this wonderful opportunity.