That's right "Cucumber"! It's Absolutlely Delicious. "Mr. Q. Cumber" is America's first all natural crisp and refreshing drink that taste like you just bit into a ice cold cucumber. This Award Winning beverage is now available in an upscale 7 oz bottle, ideal for restaurants, sushi bars, gourmet bistros. and your refrigerator. Read all the raves and blogs by Googling Mr. Q. Cumber on the web. Need a Mr. Q. fix today? Order a case online or if you live in Florida, call your local distributor:

GourmetFoods4u (954) 588-2606.

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Children obesity is at epidemic proportions. In response we have developed America's first low sugar, vitamin enriched, milk- based "carbonated" drink that is fun, cool and hip!

SWEET BLOSSOM ROSE SODA(R) "Stop and Taste The Roses" (tm)

Imagine if you will a 19th Century Eastern European Factory where men toil all day crushing hundreds of bushels of rose petals. All this work to extract the essense of roses so they can produce one barrel of rose soda . The next step is to pour by hand all the soda into single 12 oz bottles, which is done very carefully so as not to spill one precious drop. All this work for one purpose - To deliver this nectar to their maidens as a symbol of their love.

Jasmine Flowers are the national flowers of the Phillipines, Indonesia, Paskitan and Syria. In Thailand they are a symbol of Motherhood. Healthy and delicious Jasmine Tea is popular in China and Japan These beautiful white flowers are normally worn in ones hair or strung on garlands. Through many years of hard work we have developed a delicious Jasmine Soda for all to enjoy. You don't have to be asian to enjoy a Sweet Blossom Jasmine Soda (tm)

Elderflower, a popular flower in Europe and hardly known to Americans is believed to have medicinal and healing properites. Usually made into cordials, we have taken this mysterious flower to a new level by developing the first Elderflower Soda. Taste one and you will become a fan of this lovely flower.

Our newest flavor has just been released. "Lavender". This has been one of the most difficult flowers to develop into a delicious soda. Lavender is used in cooking and in medicinal formulations. Our fans have told us we a hit a homerun with this flavor.
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Discover "The Original Mabi Drink " - "Energy of the Caribbean"

Mabi/Mavi refresco is a gift from the Taino Indians Enjoy an ice cold bottle on a hot summer day while swinging in your hamacaPass a bottle around to your amigos while playing dominoesShare a bottle with your loved onesProudly show off your Caribbean heritage Available in 12 oz glass and 20 oz plastic PET bottlesIdeal for everyone from 7 years old to 90 years oldAlcohol Free

No refrigeration needed until opened- 1 Year Shelf Life